HCFS is a web-based real estate investment banking group that provide investment, acquisition and financial services to the public.
HCFS acquires assets nationwide, but currently it offer financial services in the State of California
811 Wilshire Blvd 1700-186, Los Angeles, CA 90017
Yes, a California corporation
Yes, the majority of our business is conducted online.
It depends upon the department you hire in.
Real estate and small to mid-size companies nationwide.
Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM, closed weekends and holidays.
Yes, but not for the public. Please contact our real estate division for their geographical preferences.

Like any investment there is a certain degree of risk involved, this is why its considered an investment. However, for investors requiring less exposure to risk or more conservative investors that need to have principal insurance coverage, they have the option of obtaining insurance through our Assurance Guaranty Member Group, of course with more safety the yield or ROI is also reduced.
Yes. Upon maturity you may reinvest the principal .
At the present time we are not providing compounding.
$5000, or it may be fractionalized by sharing with a family or friend.
Our securities are available to US and International Citizens if not illegal in any state or country and is not listed as terrorist state or country.
Yes. Please email us at
Yes, you must meet certain investor criteria, please see investment.
Complete the “Qualification” form, click the “Submit” button, if qualified you will receive an email to proceed from Adin. It will contain a password to access the Document Center. Here you will be able to review the items like, Intro to the company, Prospectus, Subscription Agreement and other documents. If after reviewing the prospectus and would like to invest, simply complete the Subscription Agreement and mail it in with your payment. Just follow the prompts.
Upon Admin receive and clear your payment, interest are generally 30 days after payment clearance.
Distribution of interest checks are usually paid by check.
No. If possible its best to have allocated funds for emergency before investing.
Yes, members are accepted worldwide. No terrorist states or countries.
By applying for insurance coverage principal is protected.