We acquire undervalued assets(i.e. real estate, businesses, commodities) for profit. Identifying capital attributes in undervalued or marginal assets with profit potential is a science and requires years of experience. The attributes we seek are elements that deliver rental income, appreciation, and equity growth to generate profit.

Our specialty is structuring and modeling the architectural framework for Turnkey Investments, transforming marginal and undervalued assets into income producing vehicles. We locate our own deals, raise capital for the deal, provide management, and hold or sell the cash flow to selected investors.

We have a very diverse set of skills and, therefore, are not restricted to any one particular asset type or geographical area. For example, currently we will consider acquisition opportunities in business, notes, securities, metals and commodities, etc.

Mr. Knox, has developed a proprietary investment system that consistently realizes profits and accumulate wealth. Real Estate Investment Banking Group is A PROPRIETARY system proven to be financially successful.